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Golden Girls Get Political

The Golden Girls never shied away from a difficult subject matter.  The plot lines and characters were notable for their stances during the 1985-1992 run and their beliefs, morals, standards, and acceptance still ring true today.

The Golden Girls tackled important political and cultural topics that were not easily discussed or represented in the mainstream during their time and their relevancy continues to be as strong as ever.  

That is why we have taken significant moments from the show and re-purposed them for today's political and cultural environment to show what we as a channel stand for, the importance of representation, and how to use pop culture as important social tools.


  • gay marriage

  • healthcare

  • the treatment of the elderly by our social systems and government

  • nuclear war and strain with Russia

  • sexual assault and sexual harassment

  • the dwindling safety net for the poor

  • homelessness

  • the state of elderly care in assisted living facilities

  • HIV

  • gambling addiction

  • interracial marriage

  • sexuality of older generations

  • mortality

  • assisted suicide

  • workplace harassment and treatment of women

and SO MUCH more.

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