Golden Girls Bingo


You know every St. Olaf Story.  

You get your dating tips from Blanche.   

Dorothy is your spirit animal.  


Slap on your shoulder pads and come hang out with your new friends.  We play bingo while watching 3 classic Golden Girls episodes! One of Time Out NY's 20 things to do in the NYC. There are prizes (Dorothy's Moist Cupcakes), trivia, mashups, costumes, and more.

Golden Girls Bingo is the only bingo of its kind- where we take your favorite girls from Miami and mash them up with actually playing Bingo LIVE!  That is right.  You watch 3 episodes and play along, we do extra games and prizes and just have fun!  Currently we are run at Housing Works Bookstore & Cafe in Manhattan.

Since we can't meet in person, we can meet in the stream!

We will be playing trivia AND there will be prizes

Next Live Trivia Online: April 29, 6:45PM EST

Because of COVID-19 we have currently had to postpone 

Golden Girls Bingo in NYC until it is safe enough

for us all to be together again.  We will be back.