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Golden Grabs

Golden Grabs curates affordable, fun items for you in under 5 minutes. We spend the time and money so you only spend money.  Each episode we show 5 items off that we think our audiences will enjoy owning.  The items are not exclusively Golden Girls!  We grab from across the fandom, geekdom, item spectrum.   

We always own the item first to give us first-hand knowledge and experience with it before bringing into the Grabs.  That way we can tell you what it is REALLY like to own that shirt, toy, art, pin, craft, book, and object.  We don't hold back.  Every video includes how you can purchase the item and we make sure to not include any items over $50 in our grabbing, because we get it.  Budget.

From Golden Girls to Arrested Development to Star Trek and comic books, we cover it all.  We make sure to purchase and personally own every item first, so you know that it isn't a sponsor trying to get us to say something we don't mean.

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